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PDF-Over version 4.1.12 was released.

Changes include:

  • Fixed NullPointerException with reading EXIF Metadata for JPEG Files
  • Use PDF-AS 4.0.11

It can be downloaded at
Source code is available at

PDF-Over version 4.1.11 was released.

Changes include:
  • Mobile BKU adaptions
  • Automatically scale custom signature logos
  • Correctly rotate signature logos
It can be downloaded at
Source code is available at
MOA-ID 3.2.0 wurden veröffentlicht.
Verfügbar auf JoinUp

Markante Neuerungen:
  • Integration MOA-SPSS 3.x (überarbeitete Signatur und Zertifikatsvalidierung)
  • Vereinheitlichung der Datenbankanbindung
  • Optimierung der internen Prozesse
  • Unterstützung mehrerer backend Services und Auswahl je Online Applikation
        (MIS, SZR-Gateway, ...)
  • Redis Datenbank Backend für Kurzzeitsessiondaten
  • Sicherheitsupdates und Bug-Fixes
  • Update von Bibliotheken
The new version 1.3.24 of MOCCA has been released.
Release download from JoinUp
Source download from our Git repository

Noteworthy changes:

  • Make it possible to deploy MOCCA and MOA-ID/SP-SS in the same webapp container
  • Add the prefix "jnlp." to system properties, therefore allowing them to be used from a WebStart application
A new version of PDF-AS 4.0.11 was published.

Project website:
Maven repository:

Changes since 4.0.11

PDF-AS Library

  • a new pdf backend is available based on pdfbox 2.0.3, changes that are available with the new backend:

    • unicode characters can now be rendered in the signature block when using TTF fonts

    • when using TTF fonts the new backend includes only a subset of used characters in the resulting document, which reduces the resulting size of the document

  • some minor bugs fixes