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Visualization of Statistical Data

In this project an application for the visualization of statistical data, generated by MOA-ID, has been developed.
The application enables HTML5 and JavaScript based live diagrams on the one hand and the generation of
pre-defined, parametrized reports on the other hand. This reports are generated using the reporting framework BIRT.

BIRT Reports may be generated using a GUI-based editor plugin for Eclipse. The resulting XML files are then
uploaded to the server. The implemented application then parses the reports and generates a web-based user
interface where the report may be parametrized by the user and is then rendered on the server. At the moment
the reports may be exported as HTML or PDF.

The following figures provide some sample HTML5 Charts:

HTML 5 Chart Beispiel

Automatically generated user input forms for parametrized reports:

Report Eingabemaske

Sample report generated by the bird framework:

BIRT Beispielreport
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