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Cross-Device Single Sign-On Session Transfer

In this project, we developed a concept to transfer a Single Sign-On (SSO) session between different devices or web browsers. Here, the existing SSO is transferred and stored in a smartphone application, in a first step. This session-transfer operation is effected by means of QR codes. The QR code contains all the information, which is necessary to transfer a SSO session to smartphone application. After this, the stored SSO session can be reconstructed in another browser or on another device. This reconstruction process is also based on QR codes.

The Single Sign-On Session transfer application is based on the Apache Cordova Framework and implements all required functionality for session transfer. Apache Cordova is a "cross-platform" Framework, which facilitates the porting of the application to different operating systems. The application itself provides functionality to scan QR codes, which are used to transfer SSO sessions to smartphone and from smartphone to a different browser or device. In addition, the smartphone application also offers the possibility to manage multiple sessions. All sessions, which are currently saved on the smartphone, are displayed and can be used for further identification and authentication operations, or can be deleted if necessary.

Demonstration Videos:
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