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JSON Web Signatures

JSON Web Signature (JWS) is a compact signature format which is applied in JavaScript and REST communications. For instance, the signature format is also used in MOA-ID as well as in the OpenID Connect Identity Protocol. However, any other signed message exchange based on JSON also represents a use case of JWS. The goal of this project was the development of an interface for the ALAP framework for the creation of JWS signatures. A future integration of JWS into productive solutions such as MOA-SIG is simply possible.

In the course of this project, an interface for the generation and verification of a JSON Web Tokens was developed. By entering the private key Id and its payload in JSON format the JSON Web Token (JWT) will be generated. The referenced private Key is used to create the JSON Web Signature which is included and part of the JWT.
In addition, it is possible to transmit the JSON Web token as a string to the interface, from which the JWT is created. Afterwards, this JWT is verified with appropriate methods. After a successful verification, a Boolean value (true = valid / false = invalid) is returned. In addition, the individual JWT details can be retrieved, such as the JWT header, JWT payload, the private key used for signing, and the public key used to verify the signature.

Link to the demonstrator:

JSON Web Signatur Demo
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