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Requirements Analysis of an E-Government Administration App

Already in 2016, a presentation and / or a kick-off meeting was conducted for the project with the aim of developing a smartphone application for facilitating various administration processes. The first components of the respective architecture should be performed in 2017.  For this reason, a comprehensive requirements analysis was performed, in order to identify essential requirements for the basic architecture. This analysis was conducted over several channels like workshops with relevant stakeholders, surveys, as well as an evaluation of the interface portfolio on the E-Government server.


The resulting requirement analysis contains an explanation of the initial motivation and goals that have to be achieved. Furthermore, a concept including the architecture (components, interfaces) and the planned personalization (binding and pairing of the application, as well as the abonnement of applications/modules related to the different authorities)
is given. In addition, a rough overview of the wide range of possible use cases of the administration app is provided, which are also described in more detail. Finally, numerous functional requirements, derived from the previous use cases, as well as general non-functional requirements such as security, performance, usability, maintainability are listed.

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