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Centrally hosted eIDAS node

Within this project, we enhance the implementation and operation of the centrally hosted eIDAS node that operates on testing level for the Austrian government and take the first steps towards the new Austrian identity-management system (IDM).This meta-project covers several projects from the year 2017. The following Figure illustrates the sub-projects and the links between them.
Block diagramm of core components.

In detail, the following identity related projects are covert:
  • eIDAS node Fertigstellung: The implementation of the Austrian eIDAS node combines MOA-ID and the message-processing components of the eIDAS reference implementation that is developed by the European Commission. During this project, we update the message-processing components to the current released versions and evaluate our implementation with internal test tools and connection tests with other European countries. Additionally, CEF validates the Austrian eIDAS node and as validation result, CEF attested eIDAS conformity of the Austrian implementation.
  • IDM Schnittstelle: In this project, we support the development and specification of the new Austrian identity-management system on a technical and an organizational level
  • MOA-ID Upgrade Proxy: In this project, we implement generic functionality to use MOA-ID as a protocol proxy between the new identity-management system and Service Providers that implements a legacy protocol, which is not supported by the IDM.
  • Secuity-Analyse eIDAS Node: -The project focus on security analyses of the Austrian eIDAS node and the process management components in MOA-ID.
  • Update eGovernment Algorithmen: In this project, we illustrate cryptographic algorithms that should be updated during the enrolment of the new identity-management system and describe a basic model for this updates.
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