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Cross-Platform Solution for the Provision of dynamic mobile GUIs

The aim of this project was establishing a cross-platform solution for various form services in the E-Government, which are available on all common mobile operating systems. At the same time, care is taken to ensure easy maintenance and modification of the forms by authorities.
A concept was worked out, which makes it possible to display more complex forms on mobile devices with native components in order to keep user-friendliness high and to achieve a certain "look and feel". 

In a first step, a domain-specific description language in XML has been defined to ensure platform-independency. Forms are defined as XML GUI files and can be easily maintained by service providers themselves. If changes regarding forms are necessary, the service providers can easily change the provided XML form of their server. As a result, it is not necessary to develop updates for apps, since the clients generate the contents of the forms only dynamically after requesting the server through the smartphone. In addition, it is possible to integrate native components of the smartphone, thereby further increasing usability.

In order to ensure secure communication between client and server, initial authentication takes place via client TLS certificates. User data such as first name and last name are extracted from the certificate and pre-filled in forms during dynamic deployment, which reduces the required input data. To properly scale the sizes of each GUI component for all clients, technical details (resolution, number of pixels, etc.) are sent to the server, which automatically adjusts all sizes of GUI components. On the basis of the created concept a prototype for Android devices has been implemented, able to process a sample form service.
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