SP Security-Monitoring: Follow-Up

The result of the the project Service Provider Security-Monitoring Follow-Up is to extend the SSL Checker web application with the following features: 

  • Printing: Results are formatted for the A4 paper and can be printed via the in-browser print functionality.
  • Authentication: Users can authenticate towards the application in order to run batch processes. 
  • Batch Process: Authenticated users can scan multiple web applications at once.
  • IDNA support: The app can handle domains with special characters (also known as punycode).
  • TLS 1.3: Plugins are compatible with TLS 1.3 and can check both version and cipher suite support.
  • Multihomed hosts: Application can test multihomed hosts (hosts with multiple IP addresses). 

Furthermore, a variety of bugs have been fixed and the code quality was improved. 

The application can be found at
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