A high level of expert knowledge in many areas is necessary for further development of eGovernment. Besides the development of prototypes and demonstrators, EGIZ is also responsible for the maintenance and further development of eGovernment key components. Here, we provide valuable and useful information on these key components to developers, system integrators, application operators and also to decision-makers.

  • Citizen Card Environment MOCCA

    MOCCA is an operating system independent open-source implementation of a Citizen Card Environment for smart cards.

    A technical guide to MOA SP/SS/ID for government agencies and other users.
  • PDF-Over

    PDF-Over is a graphical program for the creation of signed PDF documents by means of a Citizen Card.
  • PDF-AS

    PDF-AS is a program library developed in Java with which it is possible to legally sign PDF documents electronically on the basis of advanced or qualified certificates.
  • openZUSE

    openZUSE is a Java API that implements the individual functions of electronic delivery.