EU "Large Scale" pilots

eGovernment has long since stopped being a national topic. On the contrary, initiatives for the implementation of electronic administration in an international environment are being developed and realised.

Hier sind relevante Large Scale Piloten aufgelistet in denen teilweise EGIZ involviert ist beziehungsweise Österreich mitwirkt.


credential aiThe goal of CREDENTIAL is to develop, test, and showcase innovative cloud-based services for storing, managing, and sharing digital identity information and other highly critical personal data with a demonstrably higher level of security than other current solutions. The security of CREDENTIAL’s services relies on the combination of strong hardware-based multi-factor authentication with end-to-end encryption. CREDENTIAL will constitute a significant improvement over current password-based authentication schemes. The use of sophisticated proxy cryptography schemes will enable a secure and privacy preserving information sharing network for cloud-based identity information in which even the identity provider cannot access the data in plain-text. Moreover, the use of proxy cryptography gives the users full control over their data via selective management of access rights – while still offloading re-encryption and data management to the provider. CREDENTIAL will abstract from the technical complexity and deliver a secure, user-friendly, cloud-based identity management solution, which can be widely adopted due to an open architecture and broad interoperability and portability between systems and services.

  Contact and Links

     Technical coordinator:     
     Dr. Arne Tauber
     Project coordinator:     
     Thomas Lorünser



Electronic Procurement

PEPPOL (Pan-European Public eProcurement On-Line) 


The objective of the project is to set up a pan-European pilot solution that, conjointly with existing national solutions, facilitates EU-wide interoperable public eProcurement. The vision of the PEPPOL project is that any company and in particular SMEs in the EU can communicate electronically with any European governmental institution for the entire procurement process.

Electronic Identity

STORK - STORK 2.0 (Secure identity across borders linked)

It aims at implementing an EU wide interoperable system for recognition of eID and authentication that will enable businesses, citizens and government employees to use their national electronic identities in any Member State. It will also pilot transborder eGovernment identity services and learn from practice on how to roll out such services.

Service Directive

e-SENS (Electronic Simple European Networked Services)

The scope is to prepare the path towards a sustainable infrastructure for interoperable services, exploiting the achievements of the different pilot A initiatives supported with the CIP-ICT PSP programme.