Joinup – open-source platform

The former open-source platform of the Digital Austria platform, which was reachable at, has been frozen since 23.05.2012. The existing projects were transferred to the open-source platform Joinup (formerly OSOR) of the European Commission (Department DIGIT). Joinup was created during the course of the ISA program as an open-source platform for cross-sector and cross-border collaboration. Joinup has no central index of the modules from the Austrian eGovernment. Therefore, an overview of the components of the Austrian eGovernment that are available on Joinup is to be given in this section.


Module for online applications (MOA) - identification (ID), signature verification (SP), server signature (SS) components that are to simplify the use of electronic signatures and other applications such as the delivery on the government agency side: MOA-ID: Facilitates the secure and unique identification and authentication of users who process online procedures with a Citizen Card.
MOA-SP: Encapsulates the entire functionality of the server-side signature verification, which applications need in connection with the use of Citizen Cards.
MOA-SS: Encapsulates the entire functionality of the server-side signature creation

Documentation Project sid


MOCCA - Modular Open Citizen Card Architecture is a project started by the eGovernment Innovation Centre (EGIZ) for the implementation of a free, modular, open-source Citizen Card Environment (CCE).


This project provides Java APIs for all modules that are required for the electronic delivery service of the Austrian eGovernment.


Delivery module - takes over important steps from the application developers in processing the delivery and thereby contributes to faster and more cost-effective distribution of the electronic delivery.


During the course of this project, an application was developed with which PDF documents can be given an electronic signature, which can even be reconstructed and validated from a paper printout if need be.