Through the use of modern information and communication technologies (ICT), administration can offer new electronic services over the Internet. The innovative technologies contribute to simplifying the communication between government agencies, citizens and the economy, saving costs and speeding up internal processes.

For years, we at EGIZ have worked and researched on innovations in the areas of Citizen Cards, electronic signatures, power of attorney or electronic delivery. Here you can find general information on the topic of eGovernment, whereby the focus is on our core issues.
  • eGovernment status overview

    With the "e-Government Status Overview", we provide a new service to be able to show the most important e-Government components centrally and easily.
  • Electronic signatures

    An overview of electronic signatures for developers and users
  • Citizen Card & mobile phone signature

    Technical background information on the topics of the Citizen Card and mobile phone signature.
  • Online mandates

    An overview of electronic online mandates for users and service providers.
  • eGovernment network

    An overview of the eGovernment network in Austria.
  • Joinup – open-source platform

    Open-source platform for the European Commission. The open-source platform for sector- and border-crossing collaboration.
  • International

    eGovernment has long since stopped being a national topic. On the contrary, initiatives for the implementation of electronic administration in an international environment are being developed and realised.