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PDF-Signature on mobile devices

In this project an Android application (PDF SAPP) for signing PDF documents on mobile devices was developed. The application was developed for mobile phones, as well as tablets. It uses a hosted instance of PDF-AS to allow the user to create advanced PDF (PAdES) signatures. The visual signature block can be placed manually, by dragging the block into place on the document or it can be placed automatically by using the option "Quick Sign". The application uses the mobile phone signature (Handy-Signatur) as signature device. The mobile phone signature currently uses an SMS based authentication scheme to authorize the creation of a digital signature. In this scheme a TAN is sent to a mobile phone via SMS and the TAN is then entered through the web interface. Therefore, the PDF SAPP application should not be used on the same device, which is registered for receiving the SMS-TAN from the mobile phone signature server.

The application is currently in public testing phase. Please follow this link to get the APP.

We also provide a demonstration video of the application:
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