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Research entry 1 - cloud

Kurzfassung (in Englisch):

Secure authentication and unique identification of Austrian citizens are the main functions of the Austrian eID system. To facilitate the adoption of this eID system at online applications, the open source module MOA-ID has been developed, which manages identification and authentication based on the Austrian citizen card (the official Austrian eID) for service providers. Currently, the Austrian eID system treats MOA-ID as a trusted entity, which is locally deployed in every service provider's domain. While this model has indeed some benefits, in some situations a centralized deployment approach of MOA-ID may be preferable. In this paper, we therefore propose a centralized deployment approach of MOA-ID in the public cloud. However, the move of a trusted service into the public cloud brings up new obstacles since the cloud can not be considered trustworthy. We encounter these obstacles by introducing and evaluating three distinct approaches, thereby retaining the workflow of the current Austrian eID system and preserving citizens' privacy when assuming that MOA-ID acts honest but curious.