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PaaSPort - Management von PaaS Applikationen

Kurzfassung (in Englisch):

PaaS (Platform as a Service), a service model in the cloud computing service market, specializes in offering a preconfigured infrastructure for developers, enabling them to deploy, host and scale applications efficiently. As the PaaS market continues to grow, new providers and more sophisticated services emerge. The great variety of service-specific offerings complicates the customers’ abilities to choose a fitting solution efficiently. It furthermore prevents the switching of providers when necessary, making customers dependent on particular vendors. This issue is known as a vendor lock-in, often caused by impractical and economically unviable provider switch. To address the particular issue on vendor lock-in, in this paper we introduce PaaSPort – a unified PaaS-Cloud management application that enables the transparent and unified management of cloud applications at different PaaS providers. PaaSPort acts as an interface for various PaaS providers, enabling cloud customers to monitor and modify their PaaS hosted applications independently. All functionality of this interface application is exposed through a REST web API that unifies the common operations of multiple providers and allows for provider specific extension.


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