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Anonymous Credentials in der Public Cloud

Kurzfassung (in Englisch):

Unique identification and secure authentication are important processes in several security-sensitive areas of applications such as e-Government or e-Health. Within Europe, electronic IDs (eIDs) are the means to securely support these processes. In Austria, the Austrian citizen card is used by citizens for identification and authentication at online applications. Identification in Austria is based on a special data structure including multiple personal attributes stored on the citizen card. However, in the current situation it is only possible to disclose the complete identity of a citizen and not only parts of it. To bypass this issue and to increase privacy, in this paper we propose a security architecture which uses anonymous credentials for Austrian eID authentication to enable minimum/selective disclosure. Due to the use of anonymous credentials, our proposed architecture also allows the migration of important components of the Austrian eID system into a public cloud. A public cloud deployment has several advantages, in particular with respect to scalability and cost savings. While public cloud deployment brings up new issues relating to privacy, the use of anonymous credentials can mitigate these issues as they can ensure privacy with respect to the cloud provider.



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