PDF-Over is a graphical program for the creation of signed PDF documents by means of a Citizen Card. It was developed in Java and is based on the PDF-AS program library. The objective of PDF-Over is to provide the easiest possible program for using a Citizen Card to sign PDF documents.



During the development of PDF-Over, priority was given to a modular architecture so that the individual program blocks such as, for example, the signature library, the Citizen Card module as well as the placement module can be easily replaced with other implementations. That way, for example, other PDF signature libraries can be easily integrated into PDF-Over and used for signing PDF documents.

PDF-Over, in contrast to simple PDF-AS programs, makes it possible to freely select the position of the visible signature visualisation in the PDF document. To do this, the PDF document is shown page-by-page, and a placeholder for the signature visualisation is placed on the current page by means of the mouse.

If the position has been selected, the signature process is started based on PDF-AS. PDF-Over supports the mobile phone signature as well as chip card based Citizen Cards. For this, however, a local Citizen Card Environment is required, such as MOCCA for example.